What Your Face Says About Your Inner Health

What Your Face Says About Your Inner Health

For more than five thousand years, the practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine have perfectly understood that the uneven texture and color, lines, breakouts, patchiness as well as other issues with your face are actually an indicative of some deeper problems going on inside your organs and inside your body as a whole. To serve as your guide to help you as to how you should be properly taking care of your health, here are a few of the commonly held beliefs of the ancient Chinese about the things that we can learn by just looking at our face.

what your face reveals about your health

Lines Above Your Upper Lip

Having lines above your upper lip might be an indication of blockages or stagnation in your digestive tract, particularly in relation to the organs of the small intestines and stomach. It can be attributed to accumulation of toxicity and acidic waste that does not adequately leave your body.

Breakouts Around Your Jaw or Chin Area

Having breakouts around your chin or jaw could be an indication of congestion of your colon or hormonal imbalance.

Deep Laugh Lines and Nasolabial Line

The nasolabial line and deep laugh lines related to your liver and lung line. The said lines can be the result of shallow chest breathing or smoking so that inadequate oxygen gets into your lungs or a color has been back up that your lung meridian has been impeded. Also, this can be an indicated of an overloaded liver.

Eye Puffiness or Dark Circles Under Eyes

Eye puffiness or dark circles under eyes can actually indicate a case of adrenal exhaustion. Too much stress, lack of sleep and too much caffeine can all cause these problems.

Lined Forehead

Having a lined forehead can point to a case of congestion and to be more specific, a toxin filled and blocked gallbladder and colon. The primary culprits to this problem are consuming a lot of cooked oils, processed foods or dairy products. On the other hand, it is also possible that one has a good diet but is not adequately or properly cleaning to remove all the toxicity that the diet has been kicking up.

Crow’s Feet

The crow’s feet surrounding your eyes might also be an indicator that your adrenals have been overtaxed and that your body is already imbalanced and acidic.

Lines or Patchy Skin High Around Cheekbone Area

Lines or patchy skin high up around your cheekbone area can be associated with some heart problems. Eating a lot of animal protein that can cause clogging, cooked oils and animal products can be the main contributor here.

The great news is that the cells in the body regenerate. If you will take the positive steps now for improving your diet and for cleansing your bodies, you will be able to reverse all these issues and make some major improvements not only in your beauty but also in your overall health. Today is the best time to start so that you will be able to live long and enjoy a healthy and beautiful life inside out.

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