This Math Equation Is Leaving Netizens Puzzled. Can You Solve It?

Mathematics is a humorous language and we’ve at all times questioned why we have been taught so many equations and guidelines that by no means helped us resolve any of our actual life issues. Well, now that the web goes gaga over difficult Math issues every so often, you may need to remorse not paying consideration in Math class again in your college days. All jokes apart, Math is an excellent and helpful topic in some ways (not less than for some folks) and the viral equations which have taken over the web is proof to that. Just a few days after the ‘230 – 220 x zero.5 = 5’ equation went viral on the web, right here’s a brand new one to mild fireplace in your mind. “eight/2(2+2) =?” — feels like a quite simple equation, isn’t it? We all thought it was till we bought to know the actual reply. Read on to know extra about this brain-racking equation that zombied again out of your Algebra courses!


Remember BODMAS/ PEMDAS? No? Well, neither did we. But you need to brush up somewhat on the order of operation keys to seek out out the reply for the equation. BODMAS stands for Bracket-Order-Division-Multiplication-Addition-Subtraction and PEMDAS stands for Parentheses-Exponent-Multiplication-Division-Addition-Subtraction. These symbolize the order during which you resolve a mathematical equation.

While BODMAS is what’s principally utilized by the British, PEMDAS is its American counterpart. However, BODMAS and PEMDAS are believed to be the identical. Wait, what? You have to be questioning how that’s attainable as a result of in PEMDAS, multiplication comes first and division comes subsequent whereas it’s the opposite approach round in BODMAS. Well, brace your self as a result of division and multiplication are interchangeable in accordance with Mathematicians! Now, we don’t need to get into the small print of it, however know that that is the essence.

Solving The Equation

Now that we’ve refreshed our minds a bit concerning the order of operation, let’s get again to the viral equation that has left the neatest of the netizens scratching their heads. Let’s check out how most of us would resolve this equation:

eight/2(2+2) = ?

Step 1: eight/2×four= ?

Step 2: four×four=16

We solved the (2+2) first as a result of that’s what’s contained in the brackets and brackets come first in accordance with the BODMAS rule. Now, we divided eight/2 as a result of division comes first in accordance with this rule. And then multiplied the reply four by four once more to get the ultimate reply as 16. Tadaa! The downside is solved. Now, kind the equation in your calculator and see in case you’ve gotten the appropriate reply or not.

Even if 16 appears to be a fairly simple and clear reply, why is your scientific calculator displaying 1?

Now strive working the equation within the PEMDAS approach:

eight/2(2+2) =?

Step 1: eight/2×four=?

Step 2: eight/eight= 1

So we guess those that adopted by the PEMDAS rule bought it proper. But how? Because we thought that BODMAS and PEMDAS are the identical? This is the evil beauty of this equation.

Now there’s a second clarification from some folks about how the equation turned out to offer 1 as the reply.

eight/2(2+2) =?

Step 1: eight/ 2(four) =? (Here you retained the bracket after the addition)

Step 2: eight/eight=1

After step one, in case you maintain the reply four throughout the brackets, you’ll should do the two (four) subsequent to eliminate the “()” in accordance with BODMAS. This is the way you get eight/eight and the ultimate reply as 1.  Gosh! Aren’t you grateful that you just don’t have to resolve algebraic equations at work?

Twitterati is already going loopy making an attempt to resolve this equation and there are totally different solutions popping up on the social media website from all around the world. @SoWhAT9000 tweeted:

“You must distribute the two first to eliminate parenthesis.



So now that the parenthesis is now not on the equation you proceed with PEMDAS from left to proper


From what I recall the professor saying is multiplication at all times comes first.”

The Frustrated Netizens

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The equation has not solely made folks blow their brains out, but additionally argue with one another to justify their technique of problem-solving.

@hidaaya tweeted: “Y’all are so annoying. The P in PEMDAS signifies finishing the expression inside parenthesis… as soon as that’s completed you go left to proper doesn’t matter if there’s an integer embodied in an parenthesis. It doesn’t want additional computation. You’re simply placing it in () for present.”

To which many customers disagreed and clearly lashed out at her together with @GeniusUnleashed who replied, “If you typed that complete factor to say that reply isn’t one you don’t perceive algebra. 2 x (2+2) is a distinct equation than 2(2+2). The first doesn’t work together with parenthesis, the second does.”

Now there’s a third group of people that avoid the arguments and are completely confused. Hands (or heads) down we’re in that group too. Now you attempt to discover an evidence to your technique of fixing this equation and we’ll go put out the hearth on our heads.

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