Should You Wash Your Face In The Shower?

Do you wash your face within the bathe?

We are all responsible of doing it, however, seems, it’s not good on your pores and skin. It is an unmatched feeling when, on the finish of the day, you let your hair free and let the exhuastion out of your face slip away with the drizzle of the bathe. But, there are some good causes you could cease doing that. Read on to seek out out!

Why Shouldn’t You Wash Your Face In The Shower?

A scorching bathe is tempting and you’ll’t get sufficient of it after a tiring day. But, your pores and skin doesn’t adore it. Hot water isn’t good on your pores and skin as a result of it strips away its pure oils. Since your facial pores and skin is extra delicate than the pores and skin on the remainder of your physique, it actually doesn’t love the recent water you bathe with. There are a number of causes for this.


heat temperature can irritate your pores and skin (1). Typically, whenever you take a bathe, the water is heat sufficient on your pores and skin to start out dropping its pure lipids. The scorching water additionally strips away its pure oils, which then results in moisture loss, dryness, irritation, and irritation.

Hot water may also dilate the capillaries and blood vessels proper beneath your pores and skin. This can flip your pores and skin purple. If you’ve got rosacea (a pores and skin situation characterised by redness and visual blood vessels), it could possibly irritate the situation additional and trigger damaged or completely dilated blood vessels.

When you’re within the bathe, you have a tendency to show your pores and skin to water for an prolonged interval. This causes it to develop into excessively dry. Your physique pores and skin can nonetheless deal with it to a sure extent, however the pores and skin in your face can’t because it loses moisture quicker.

Now, the query is, why take the additional hassle to scrub your face individually within the sink?

Sink Or Shower: Where Should You Wash Your Face?

The sink, in fact! I do know most of you’re comfy washing your face beneath the bathe, and doing it within the sink looks as if further effort. But this further effort will make all of the distinction to your pores and skin.


whenever you wash your face within the sink, you’ve got the scope to gauge the water temperature and modify it in keeping with your pores and skin’s tolerance stage. This prevents your pores and skin from turning into further delicate and purple. Under the bathe, you don’t have the oppportunity to do that because the water straight hits your face and higher physique first. And earlier than you notice it, it’s too late.


tepid water is one of the best on your facial pores and skin, and it’s simply out there within the sink. Moreover, ending your face washing routine with a splash of chilly water does wonders on your pores and skin. It boosts blood movement all through your face and provides you a wholesome glow. Splashing your face with chilly water is manner simpler within the sink than beneath the bathe.

Lastly, whenever you wash your face within the sink, you may gently therapeutic massage your pores and skin with the face wash, scrub, or cleanser that you’re utilizing. This helps in thorough and deep cleaning and opens up the clogged pores and skin pores.

Still questioning if there’s any solution to wash your face within the bathe with out harming it? Well, in case you are too lazy (like me!) to scrub your face individually within the sink, right here’s a solution to do it correctly within the bathe with out irritating your pores and skin.

How To Wash Your Face In The Shower Without Harming Your Skin

It’s easy: you could layer your pores and skin with a protecting barrier earlier than getting beneath the bathe. Follow these steps to guard your pores and skin beneath the bathe:

  1. Use a make-up remover to take away your make-up completely. Follow this step vigilantly as scorching water will open up your pores and skin pores, and also you don’t need the dust sitting in your face to clog them.
  2. After eradicating your make-up, double cleanse your face. Massage your face with a face oil. This creates a protecting barrier in your pores and skin and prevents moisture loss because of the scorching bathe. Rub some good high quality cold-pressed oil (you could use jojoba or argan oil) between your palms and therapeutic massage it onto your face. Focus on the areas that are inclined to dry out extra, like your cheeks, brow, and eye space.
  3. When you get beneath the bathe, stand going through away from it. Keep your chin excessive (at an angle of 45 levels) in order that the shampoo and the recent water don’t run down your face. This manner, you may reduce the pores and skin contact with scorching water and forestall irritation and dryness.

Once you’ve got taken a bathe, you could use a mild cleanser to wash your face and pat it dry with a mushy towel. Don’t neglect to comply with it up with a moisturizer!

It’s fairly clear that washing your face within the sink is healthier than within the bathe. Try it out your self, and tell us about your expertise within the feedback part under.

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