Say No to Dark Circles Under Eyes

Pampering Tips for Your Under Eye Skin

Pampering Tips for Your Under Eye Skin

Your good mornings can easily turn into a nightmare when you see dark circles under eyes when you look at yourself in the mirror. Good thing that parsley can help solve this dilemma of yours.

A lot of people are experiencing some form of discoloration on the delicate skin below their eyes, especially after a big night out. However, for some, this problem can be persistent and annoying.

There are plenty of possible causes of these ugly dark circles under your eyes. While there are people who are genetically predisposed to the condition, the more common causes include stress, lack of sufficient sleep, eating junk foods, menstruation in the case of women, excess alcohol, smoking, poor blood circulation on the area and sinusitis.

Crushed parsley for dark circles under eyes is a simple but great remedy that you can try at home. Parsley contains several nutrients such as chlorophyll, vitamin C, vitamin K as well as many other volatile oils which can be responsible for its ability to lighten the skin and reduce eye puffiness. However, it is also possible for it to be the combination of many other forms of active compounds found in parsley which make it work well when it comes to getting rid of dark circles and bags under eyes.

If you don’t like to use crushed parsley, a faster way that you can try and that is by using the parsley tea bags.

For starters, put two tea bags of parsley in one cup before you add boiling water half way up to the bags of tea. You only want to get them moistened and not drained too much of their nutrients.

Put the bags in your freezer or fridge and allow them to cool. Drink the small quantity of the parsley tea then get the cold tea bags. Put a towel on your pillow then place the moist teabags, and make sure they are not dripping, over the skin below your eyes, not necessarily on your eyes. Leave them that way for a minimum of 10 minutes.

It is a very simple way for using parsley to get rid of your dark circles under eyes and even of your bags under eyes as well as other forms of discoloration. After this, you can also prepare a parsley tea so that you can give parsley nutrition to your insides. You might also want to know that aside from what has been mentioned, parsley can also be made to a face mask to reduce acne and discolored facial skin.

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