How To Fix Broken Makeup

The sight of damaged make-up is simply plain unhappy. Imagine your favourite bronzer cracking right into a zillion items after you drop it on the ground. Or, God forbid, your most beloved eyeshadow palette turns into a giant, crumbling mess. Tragic, proper? The good news is, if this ever occurs, you don’t must throw away your costly make-up. Broken make-up is sort of straightforward to repair if you recognize what you’re doing. We have put collectively a bunch of hacks that can come in useful so that you can mend damaged make-up in a jiffy.

How To Fix Broken Eyeshadow

What You Need
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Toothpick/wood stick

Step-By-Step Tutorial With Pictures

Step 1: Add Alcohol

Add a number of drops of rubbing alcohol to your eyeshadow container. It ought to be simply sufficient to saturate the shadow.

Step 2: Smooth It Out

Smoothen out the combination together with your finger, a toothpick, or slightly spoon – something that may assist flatten it out.

Step three: Time To Wait

Wait for a few hours for the shadow to set fully. Clean the perimeters of the field, and you’re all set.

Doesn’t the eyeshadow look nearly as good as new now?

How To Fix Broken Lipstick

What You Need
  • Lighter/candle
  • Q-tip
  • Paper towels
  • Refrigerator

Step-By-Step Tutorial With Pictures

Step 1: Prep Is Must

For this little mission (which can get messy if you’re not cautious), begin by laying out clear paper towels on a flat floor. Wear skinny, disposable gloves to maintain each your arms and the lipstick clear.

Step 2: Swivel It Up

Expose the bottom or the damaged finish of the lipstick and take away it if it hasn’t already fallen off.

Step three: Melt Away

Using a candle or a lighter, run the flame beneath the damaged a part of the lipstick fastidiously to melt it. Then, barely warmth the lipstick that’s nonetheless left within the tube. Make certain you don’t burn the lipstick or soften its case.

Step four: Join It Back Together

Press the damaged piece gently into the bottom of the lipstick. Use a Q-tip or your finger to softly fuse the edges of the lipstick collectively and seal them as one piece.

Step 5: Refrigerate

Place your lipstick within the fridge for about 30 minutes. Once it cools down, your lipstick will really feel fully strong and totally useful.

Repairing Melted Lipstick

If you left your lipstick in your automotive, and it now lacks any form or type, merely switch all of the bits onto a spoon. Place a lighter flame beneath the spoon till the lipstick softens. Now, switch it to a small container and refrigerate it. Depotting melted or damaged lipstick is a fast and straightforward method to retain your favourite lip shade.

How To Fix Broken Powder

This trick works for any powdered make-up, be it your compact, highlighter, bronzer, or blush.

What You Need
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Ziplock bag
  • A bowl
  • Spoon
  • Butter knife
  • Paper towels

Step-By-Step Tutorial With Pictures

Step 1: Clean Your Container Out

Gather all the items of your damaged powder compact right into a ziplock bag. Seal the bag and gently crush the items right into a fantastic powder.

Step 2: Mix Alcohol

Once you have got crushed up all the powder and cleaned out the container, switch the powder right into a clear bowl. Add about two teaspoons of rubbing alcohol into the bowl and blend it properly till you obtain a paste-like consistency.

Step three: Spread It Out

Now, switch the make-up out of your bowl again to its unique container. Once you have got all of its contents on the pan, unfold it across the container as evenly as attainable, utilizing a butter knife. It is so simple as icing a cake!

Step four: Soak Up Excess Rubbing Alcohol

Place a paper towel proper on prime of your compact. Gently press it down with a flat, round object that’s the similar measurement as your compact. If you don’t need your paper towels leaving an impression on the floor of your make-up, it’s best to make use of plain ones.

Once you take away the paper towel, depart the compact open, and permit the powder to dry and set in a single day. During the ready interval, the rubbing alcohol will evaporate, abandoning caked powder.

If you’re in an actual rush, you should use a blow dryer to hurry up the method.

Restoring damaged make-up to its prior state entails utilizing a liquid to rebind the powder. That’s why rubbing alcohol works extraordinarily properly because it has the very best evaporation price. It dries up rapidly, and your make-up retains each its texture and consistency.

It isn’t a good suggestion to make use of water or petroleum jelly to repair damaged powders as your make-up is not going to solely lose its consistency, however it should additionally develop into extra inclined to bacterial development.

We hope this text is useful and helps you restore your damaged make-up to its unique type. Are you excited to check out these strategies? Let us know what you assume within the feedback part under.

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