How To Drink Water: Stay Hydrated The Ayurvedic Way

Well. If you’re scratching your head considering that how can there be a proper method to drink water, we’re right here to inform you that there’s.

Drink extra water, everybody asks you to try this — your mom, your colleague, your physician, and even your partner. And you attempt to try this too, to the most effective of your talents, however this health stint lasts solely a few weeks or months at most. Besides who would need these frequent journeys to the toilet, you suppose to your self as you revert to your older methods.

Clearly, there must be a greater method to be hydrated than these rare hydration drives, and we’re right here to inform you there’s. Read on additional to get a complete information to being hydrated, the Ayurvedic method.

Water Is Essential For A Well-Functioning Body

The main part within the composition of our our bodies is water. It is saved each inside and out of doors cells, and it helps in carrying vitamins to numerous organs of the physique by dissolving them in it. It additionally carries out the perform of transporting waste, regulating physique temperature, lubricating our joints, moistening tissues of our mouth and stopping constipation (1).

Clearly, water is a necessary requirement for a wholesome physique. However, we lose quite a lot of it day-after-day via different bodily capabilities equivalent to respiration, sweating (even should you don’t work out), urinating, and defecating. This leaves us with no possibility however to replenish it.

These Signs Can Tell If You Need More Water

  1. Your lips, pores and skin or hair is changing into dry.
  2. You get frequent rashes on the pores and skin, or pimples on account of clogged pores.
  3. The coloration of your pee is darkish yellow (2).
  4. You should not sweating.
  5. You should not having common bowel actions.

Why We Need To Drink Water The Ayurvedic Way

If you’re experiencing these signs then it’s very probably that your physique has misplaced quite a lot of water and is searching for to preserve what it nonetheless has. Now, on this situation, most of us would resort to ingesting extra water to make the signs go away, or we might flip to sports activities drinks which is a extra scrumptious method to rehydrate. But if we do this, it’s extra probably that inside a brief length of ingesting that water, we’re going to cross it out within the type of clear pee. This signifies that we didn’t soak up that water into our our bodies.

Ayurveda says that with a view to be wholesome, we have to reabsorb the identical quantity of water as we lose out in performing our bodily capabilities. Therefore, we have to discover a completely different method to rehydrate, which can permit us to soak up that water into our our bodies, and Ayurveda has the reply.

These Steps Will Allow Your Body To Absorb Water In An Effective Manner

  1. Ditch chilly water, and change to lukewarm or heat water. This is as a result of if you drink ice-cold water it cools down the enzymes in your digestive system which hampers the digestive course of, which in flip, results in the build-up of poisons (three). Besides it additionally causes the blood vessels to constrict, which doesn’t permit the toxins to get drained via the lymph nodes. This constriction additionally doesn’t permit the blood to journey to the organs simply, thereby depriving them of vitamins. On the opposite hand, heat water prods the lymphatic system to clear the toxins.
  1. Drink water by including these substances to it — a teaspoon of unrefined mineral salt, or Himalayan sea salt (for 1 ltr of water), or lemon juice, or pre-soaked chia seeds, or a dab of ginger. All these substances (not collectively although) assist our physique in absorbing the water higher.
  1. Drink round 500 ml of heat water the second you get up. The measurement is approximate, you may also drink a tall glass of it, and it will work in the identical method. We are asking you to do that as a result of whereas we sleep our physique works to pack up the day before today’s waste, which is why we really feel the urge to go to the lavatory as quickly as we get up. In order to assist our physique flush out the toxins correctly, we have to drink heat water instantly after waking up.
  1. Don’t gulp down water in a single go, particularly should you’re having it with meals. Instead, sip it. This hasty chugging of water doesn’t permit your physique to soak up it, as an alternative, you cross it in urine. Besides, if you drink the water in giant gulps whereas consuming, you’re extinguishing the Agni (digestive fireplace) that’s working to digest that meals. Therefore, as an alternative of getting water with meals, we might advise you to have it half an hour earlier than consuming.

If you observe these ayurvedic ideas whereas hydrating, you’re certain to maintain your physique well-hydrated and within the pink of its health. Do observe these ideas and tell us should you discover any modifications in your health. If you’ve got some other queries concerning hydration, share them with us within the feedback part.

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