All About Menstrual Cups — Should You Switch?

All ladies expertise this irksome month-to-month downside —ir durations. It’s that point of the month the place a girl undergoes hormonal adjustments that have an effect on each her physique and thoughts. The period of the interval varies from one girl to a different. For some it may be three days, for others it may be 5 days, and for some, it even goes as much as every week.

Most ladies choose utilizing sanitary napkins throughout their durations. But there’s a brand new female hygiene product known as menstrual cup that has simply come out, which can be utilized rather than the sanitary pads. We’re positive you all have heard of it however have avoided switching to it due to the apparent inhibitions — “Will it trigger damage if used down there?”, “Is it actually protected?”, “How do I exploit it?” and so forth.

But we wish to inform you that these cups could be thought-about one of the best invention for womankind. And we’re saying this on account of the assorted analysis research and quite a few trials which were performed to check the utility of those cups. We have defined about them intimately beneath, please proceed to learn to know extra about this magical product.

What Are Menstrual Cups?

You can name it a hygiene cup for females. These cups are eco-friendly options to the usual sanitary pads and tampons, that are often utilized by ladies. The cup is made up of silicone (medical grade) and generally even latex rubber (1). It is extraordinarily pliable and is formed like a bell.

Instead of absorbing the interval movement (as performed by a pad or a tampon), these cups plug the movement by amassing the interval blood.

How Can One Use Menstrual Cup?

A menstrual cup must be folded and inserted within the vaginal space through the time of the durations. Once inserted, it will possibly keep there, doing its job for a great 12 hours. And when you’ve inserted it in a exact approach, then there is no such thing as a probability of any leakage or staining in any way. After 12 hours, one must take away the cup and test if it’s full or not. One can take away the cup from the vaginal space by reaching for the stem of the cup to know the bottom of the cup. It is really useful that you simply don’t pull out the cup as it will possibly trigger spills or create suction. Instead, you should pinch the bottom of the cup which can launch the seal and permit it to be eliminated simply.

Remember that when the cup is emptied out, it must be rinsed, cleaned, after which reinserted. You can wash the menstrual up with both a gentle cleaning soap. It’s even higher when you sterilize it in boiling water. If you’re a kind of ladies who expertise heavy bleeding throughout her durations, then menstrual cups are the most suitable choice for you. Because altering tampons and pads each different hour may cause the pores and skin within the pubic area to get irritated.

Pros Of Using Menstrual Cups

  • They Are Eco-friendly: As talked about earlier they’re made from medical grade silicone. They are reusable and thus, a greater possibility within the longer run.
  • You Can Leave It In For 12 Hours: Tampons and pads should be modified each 2–three hours or possibly even earlier, relying upon the form of movement one experiences. But, a menstrual cup can keep in for so long as 12 hours, making it much more very best to make use of through the evening.
  • It Can Hold More: Menstrual cups can maintain as a lot as a complete ounce of liquid, which is the same as twice of what a heavy absorbing tampon or sanitary pad can take in.
  • There’s No Odor: Women are conscious of the insufferable scent that’s given off by the menstrual blood (2). The scent surfaces when the menstrual blood is uncovered to air. In the case of menstrual cups, because of the tight hermetic seal that’s shaped by the cup the blood by no means will get uncovered to the air and therefore, no scent.
  • They Are Safe: Experts have mentioned that utilizing menstrual cup ensures a decrease danger of poisonous shock syndrome when in comparison with tampons or pads (three). This makes it safer to make use of. There are lesser probabilities of contracting a bacterial an infection down there too.

Cons Of Using Menstrual Cups

  • Problematic To Find The Right Fit: These cups are available in numerous sizes. And some trial and errors are certain to occur whereas selecting your good match.
  • Removal Can Be Embarrassing: Even when you can insert it good the primary time, eradicating it may be just a little messy. However, one can observe the directions and slowly study to take away it the right approach.

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So, these have been the factors that we thought you ought to be conscious of relating to menstrual cups. We hope this to-the-point information helped in easing all of your fears concerning menstrual cups. If you’re somebody who has already made this change, do tell us about your expertise within the feedback beneath.

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