9 Strange Things You’ll Only See In India

India is a rustic identified for its wealthy tradition and numerous inhabitants. The range is a lot that on one facet we have now millionaires who construct skyscrapers as their houses and on the opposite facet we have now malnourished youngsters who die of starvation. And once we talk about Indian tradition, we personal hundreds of thousands and hundreds of thousands of beliefs, practices, and locations which can be stunning wonders to foreigners. However, identical to our lives, the tradition and practices in India have a darkish facet too. Diversity applies for all the things right here certainly. In this text, we’ve bought you among the weirdest issues which can be unique to India, the land of thriller. They would possibly make you cringe, drop your jaws, and depart you questioning. So, learn at your individual danger!

1. The Temple With The Hidden Treasure

Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Trivandrum, Kerala, is a temple that’s dwelling to a massively big treasure. Five out of six vaults within the temple had been opened as per the directions of the Supreme Court in 2011. The treasure gained nationwide and worldwide publicity because it has the world’s largest assortment of treasured stones and gold ever recorded in historical past! The weirdest (and the spookiest) a part of the story is the sixth and the final vault which is believed to unleash wrath upon whoever tries to open it. The door to this vault has an imagery of serpents and yakshi (a mystical bloodsucking feminine spirit) to trace the hazard. It sounds fairly just like Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, proper? Well, this one isn’t fiction.

2. The Aghori Sadhus

Aghori sadhus are sometimes seen close to cremation grounds in black garments with lengthy untidy locks of hair and beard. The Aghoris are very totally different from the remainder of the sadhus who observe conservative Hinduism. They are sturdy worshippers of Shiva and Kaali and consider to find sanctity in even essentially the most rotten issues. This is why they’re believed to smear ashes of burned corpses over their our bodies and eat human flesh. Some folks consider that Aghori sadhus have intercourses with human lifeless our bodies as nicely!

three. 330 Million Gods

India shouldn’t be solely numerous by way of the folks dwelling right here but in addition due to the 330 million gods worshipped. It’s not simply the legendary gods which can be worshipped in India but in addition bushes, animals, and even human beings who declare to have god-like powers!

four. The Color Of Mourning Is White

While black is the colour that represents the mourning interval in many of the nations, In India it’s precisely the alternative. Widows put on white after the demise of their husbands and other people put on white to funerals. Whereas in western tradition, black is worn to signify the darkness that the loss of life of the individual has introduced, the Hindus put on white as an emblem of peace and salvation.

5. The Tower Of Silence

The Tower of Silence or the dakhma is a round fort-like construction that’s constructed by Zoroastrians to eliminate their lifeless our bodies. Since these folks think about hearth and earth to be holy and corpses to be impure, they’ll neither bury them nor cremate them. The lifeless our bodies are left on high of the tower to be able to be eaten by scavenger birds like vultures and crows! Even although they’re current in Iran too, India is the one place the place the centuries-old follow remains to be continued.

6. The Magnet Hill In Ladakh

The magnetic hill is situated close to Leh in Ladakh and it has pressured planes to vary their routes to keep away from magnetic interference! Cars and different autos seem to roll uphill despite the fact that they’re going downhill. It is defined as an optical phantasm by many. However, for the locals of the place, this stretch of highway is a supernatural one. According to them, the highway was as soon as a path to heaven and it will pull ahead those that deserved it (creepy!).

7. Wedding Rings On The Toe

In some Indian traditions, ladies put on toe rings to signify their married standing! They are principally worn on the second toe on each their ft and are principally fabricated from silver.

eight. Paintings of Deities On Compound Walls To Prevent Urination

If you’re an Indian or in case you’ve ever visited India, you’re sure to see at the very least one man peeing on a compound wall on the street. Village or metropolis, it doesn’t actually matter. To keep away from folks urinating on compound partitions, some folks paint photos of gods and goddesses on them!

9. Pre-matrimonial Detective Agencies

The idea of organized marriages is commonly not simply digested by the westerners. The thought of getting married to somebody you barely know might be weird nevertheless it’s all determined by the household for many of the Indian children. While some dad and mom blindly belief marriage ceremony proposals for his or her son or daughter, many others search the assistance of professional detectives to confirm their info and get a background test executed! Now, is that good or pathetic?

This record is only a handful of sand from a desert! There are hundreds of thousands of different stunning, mysterious, and creepy issues in India that even Indians don’t learn about. What is the strangest factor you already know about India? Share your ideas with us within the feedback part beneath.

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